RSPB Hen Harrier ‘LIFE’ Project confirms appalling extent of illegal persecution

Hen Harrier LIFE Project Hen Harrier LIFE Project

The RSPB has published its Hen Harrier LIFE Project report. It is a great piece of work, revealing much that is new about the hen harrier. Over the 5+ years of the project, it protected over 100 nests and 150 winter roosts, tagged over 100 birds, and helped raised awareness of this beautiful bird. Sadly, the report also provides compelling confirmation that the hen harrier’s main problem in the UK is illegal persecution. The project recorded 328 wildlife crimes and, adding to already overwhelming existing evidence, concludes that “...the main factor limiting the recovery of the hen harrier population continues to be illegal killing associated with management of moorlands for driven grouse shooting.” Even since the report’s publication there is a new ‘statistic’: the first of the 2019 tagged birds has vanished over a grouse moor. You can read more about the report (there’s also a link to the full report) here:

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