Hen Harrier Action

Hen Harrier Action exists to give national support to local Hen Harrier Days and raise awareness of hen harriers. A registered charity, our aim is to help protect the birds and other animals of the uplands, in particular the hen harrier and other birds of prey. We do so by working to raise public awareness of wildlife crime and other problems resulting from unsustainable practices in the UK uplands.

Hen Harrier Action is an entirely volunteer organisation. It has no paid staff and no office premises. We support Hen Harrier Days in four main ways:

  • through national campaigning to increase awareness and get more people involved.
  • helping put local events ‘on the map’ so people can find one near them.
  • providing resources from the centre and building a community to encourage more new events each year.
  • with online events joining together the local ones, increasingly developing year-round offers and campaigning.

A donation will help us with all these activities, as well as with unavoidable costs such as maintaining the website, getting our accounts audited and so forth. All contributions will help us to do more to celebrate and defend the hen harrier, and bring long-overdue reform to our uplands.

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Please use the form below to donate. All donations are managed by CAF Donate and benefit from Gift Aid if applicable.

Hen Harrier with chicks, image by Rod Foster