Interview with Steve Downing, Chair of the Northern England Raptor Forum

Steve Downing, Chair of the Northern England Raptor Forum

Steve Downing is the Chair of the Northern England Raptor Forum (NERF), established in 2006 to provide a single collective voice representing the conservation interests of raptors throughout the North of England, through surveying, monitoring, and protecting birds of prey. Their Annual Review, published since 2009, is the most comprehensive dataset that exists of presence and […]

Conversations About Conservation: An Interview with Megan McCubbin

An Atlas of Endangered Species book front cover

In Conversation with Megan McCubbin about Endangered Species Megan McCubbin This article is the first in a new series of conversations with leading figures in the nature conservation world to learn more about the different approaches for achieving environmental conservation progress and success. We are joined by Megan McCubbin, someone who has unwavering passion for […]

In Conversation with Author and Conservationist Mark Avery

Front cover of Mark Avery's book Reflections, What Wildlife Needs and How to Provide It

The new book from Mark Avery – lifelong conservationist, author and campaigning founder of Wild Justice along with Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay – offers a informed overview of the state of nature in the UK and delivers a radical set of ideas on how to effect change in wildlife conservation.   Published in July […]