The judging is done and the winners chosen. Congratulations to all our Young Wild Photographer Competition 2024 winners. There were some outstanding entries to choose from, and our judge, award-winning photographer Richard Birchett, was very complimentary about the winning entries.

Young Wild Photographer poster with fox cub

Overall Winning Entry

William Lambourne, Age 15

Richard said:

“I love the sense of movement through the frame in this image, he used the rule of thirds to good effect. The image has a great depth of field allowing the Hare to be pip sharp throughout and I very much like the blurred water droplets as it travels through the grass. Also, it’s good to see his fieldcraft technique being downwind of the subject, a great image and a worthy Winner”

William told us:

“I had noticed a group of Brown Hare in an arable field in Norfolk and was I waiting down-wind of them against a hedge when this one wandered past, seemingly unaware of my presence.”

William wins a £300 Opticron voucher.

The Three Runners-up

Jack Brackley, Age 12

Richard said:

“This vibrant image of the Blue Tit really does stand out to me. I like the overall exposure and sharpness of the image especially the eye which is the focal point. The background bokeh is also a lovely feature and really does allow the bird to sit well in the frame.”

Jack told us:

“I captured this at RSPB The Lodge on one of the first days of beautiful spring weather. I loved the vibrant colours with the blooming yellow flowers and the blue sky mimicking the blue tit’s feathers.”

Jack wins a £100 Opticron voucher.

Joe Dagger, Age 16

Richard said:

“The Barn Owl is one of the most well-known Owl species around the world, an iconic bird of the British countryside. I like the way the Owl is checking out the photographer through the gap in the canopy of the trees, a steady hand was needed here with a shutter speed of 1/40th Sec and using spot metering to gain a good exposure.”

Joe told us:

“After joining a local conservation group, my fascination with Barn Owls grew. I captured this image of a roosting owl in lush greenery, perfectly encapsulating the vibrancy of the season. “

Joe wins a £100 Opticron voucher.

Felix Hoskins, Age 13

Richard said:

“The male Stonechat is a really lovely bird that doesn’t sit still for long, so Felix has done well here. The side lighting gives the breast of the bird some much needed light whereas the other side is more shaded, I think this shows the bird well as the light is quite soft and it is well placed just of the centre of the frame, a great image and it’s nice to see the lichens and a bird in its environment.”

Felix told us:

“Just when the sun was about to set and I was about to make my way back home when a little stonechat hopped onto the branch just outside Keyhaven, Hampshire, showing their return from Africa or Europe.”

Felix wins a £100 Opticron voucher.

Congratulations to all our Young Wild Photographer competition winners! Your vouchers will be on their way to you