Join the Reclaim Our Moors walk at 11am on Sunday 13th August 2023 at Redmires Reservoir just outside Sheffield. The assembly point is the Redmires Plantation Car Park just off Redmires Road. The organisers suggest that you should bring food and drink, sensible footwear and all-weather clothing, but no dogs, please.

Snared Book by Bob Berzins
Author Bob Berzins
Walkers on the 2022 Redmires Reservoir Walk

This annual walk began five years ago in response to the ongoing pollution, environmental damage and wildlife persecution in the upland areas, according to one of the campaigners, Clive Swinsco. The protest walk is supported by Unite The Union, the local Labour and Green parties, and campaigning groups including Moorland Monitors and Greenpeace.

Local author Bob Berzins will be giving a talk along the route. His powerful novel, Snared, highlights the danger to wildlife of the snares used on many grouse moors and shooting estates. More and more concerned citizens are becoming aware of the pain and suffering caused to birds of prey, foxes and other wildlife by the practice, and the calls for legislation to ban snares are growing louder.

Join the Walk on Sunday 13th August at 11am and make your voice heard!

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